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AIR Intake Manifold/Insulator-W/2Gaskets & 4 Bolts for scooters


Eton-IntakeManifold-W/2 Gaskets & 4 Bolts. For scooters only
List Price: $38.00
Price: $28.95

Belt Cover Stand off Dowel set of 2


Belt Cover Stand off Dowel set of 2 select length
List Price: $9.00
Price: $9.00

Boost Block Manifold a.k.a. boost bottle/juice box for e-ton powered scooters & not atvs


Boost Block Manifold a.k.a. boost bottle/juice box. (For e-ton 40 scooters only) Billet aluminum boost block manifold Improves throttle response, acceleration, with better fuel burn and power and overall performance. Can increase top speed by as much as 2mph. Reduces intake noise. Works best with HP carb. Minor modification to plastic engine cover. Bolts and gaskets included for use with included intake manifold to boost block adaptor. with new improved thicker spacer the modification to cylinder head Heat fins is no longer needed. �Watch our installation video on youtube
List Price: $91.95
Price: $75.95

Brake Cable Inner


Brake Cable Inner for Scooter.
List Price: $6.00
Price: $4.00

Brake Cables set of front & rear Housing & cables.


Brake Cable Set Of Front & Rear. inner cables & outer housings
List Price: $21.98
Price: $18.00

Brake Lever Set


Cobra OEM Brake Lever Set
List Price: $21.95
Price: $14.75

Carburetor Gasket Between Carb & Insulator/Manifold on scooter with TK factory carburator


Carburetor Gasket Between Carb & Insulator/Manifold on scooter with TK factory carburetor.
Price: $3.95

Carburetor Japanese TK for scooter


Eton 41.5cc Original scooter Carburetor Japanese TK Factory Scooter carburetor!
List Price: $74.95
Price: $69.00
Out of Stock

Carburetor Primer Bulb for Japanese TK scooter carb with red push button choke


Primer bulb for Eton 41.5cc O.E.M. TK Carburetor Primer Bulb for scooter carb with red push button choke
List Price: $6.50
Price: $4.95

Carburetor TK Throttle Valve With Red push button Choke for scooter tk carb


Eton/TK carburetor Throttle valve assy with red push choke button "the carb top/valve" for those with broken choke buttons or throttle cable retainer portion of throttle valve. replaceable by removing two brass screws on top of the carburetor.
List Price: $39.00
Price: $36.00
Out of Stock

Carburetor Walbro 700 high performance carb kit with everything. (for scooter)


Walbro HIGH PERFORMACE carb kit includes everything u need. (Intake manifold not included or needed, the factory one works great with very minor modification.) Call for installation verbal instructions 256-468-2761 or watch video on youtube! improve top speed by 20 %. WARNING: Also highly recommend heavy duty & fantastic racing ignition coil & flywheel mod! Install video is 2 parts & part 1 can be viewed @ :
List Price: $98.00
Price: $82.00

Carburetor Walbro H.P. 700 carburetor Only! (for scooter) includes everything except a.f. & stack


Walbro High Performance 700 carb only! Like Walbro 603 - walbro 668 only better. Ported,tuned,tested. Complete Kits are available w/Air Filter & Velocity stack. Throttle bracket and barrel and gaskets and swivel and return spring are included with this Carburetor and also available separately.
List Price: $69.00
Price: $62.00

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