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Spark Plug NGK BPM6A (Hotter)


NGK BPM6A Spark Plug (Hotter)
List Price: $4.35
Price: $3.80

Spark Plug NGK BPM7A


NGK BPM7A spark plug This is the factory spark plug For a hotter spark please use NGK BPM6A
List Price: $4.75
Price: $3.80

spark plug wire spring


spark plug wire spring
List Price: $2.00
Price: $1.65

Spark Plug Wire Spring Cap/Cover (Black Rubber) or Red Silicone


Spark Plug Wire Spring Cap/Cover (Black Rubber) or Red Silicone add $1 order spring separately
List Price: $4.75
Price: $3.50

Sprocket Removal Tool


Sprocket Removal Tool For The Rock, Cobra, Nuke, Lowrider, STANDR, Cobra Commuter 5 bolt pattern for removing spin on wheel sprocket hub from wheel for tire svc or sprocket upgrade. 1/2 inch drive. makes removing sprocket hub from wheel easy, even with flat tire. watch this video to see how it works.
List Price: $31.95
Price: $20.95

ST 40 Rock02 Or Rockette & Dynamite III-Pullstarter recoil


The Rock. Rock Power Or Rockette & Dynamite III Pullstarter/recoil Rare chin wang engine found on some cobra alike models in 02&03? Also fits ST 40 CHINESE ATV & some rare 33,36,40,43 & 49cc Chinese produced scooters. Confirm picture verification before ordering.
List Price: $43.95
Price: $27.95

Steel Hub Only For Left Belt Shaft Sprocket


Steel Hub Only For Left Belt Shaft Sprocket for use with plastic bolt-on sprocket.
List Price: $29.00
Price: $23.95



Steering bearing set for scooters
List Price: $24.75
Price: $18.95

Swingarm Snap rings


this snap ring holds swingarms on for some models or goes behind swingarm on Cobra alike models
List Price: $2.75
Price: $2.00

Throttle Barrel Grips & Housing


Throttle Barrel & Housing with both grips and stainless Hardware
List Price: $26.95
Price: $23.00

Throttle Cable For Eton 40 Powered Scooters


Throttle Cable For Eton Powered Scooters 6 feet long. Adjustable at BOTH ends.
List Price: $32.00
Price: $26.95

Type 1 Belt Cover For Left Side Engine Belt


Type 1 Belt Cover For Left Side Engine Belt. Order in Red, Black or Blue. This style cover is for models with lower bolt hole offset to left. For newer style Cobra/Rock cover with bolt holes inline- order type 2 cover available in Chrome.
List Price: $34.95
Price: $31.95

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