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Clutch Shoes for Eton IXL 40 RASCAL & RXL 40 VIPER JR & SCOOTERS P/N 700160


Eton Clutch Shoes includes both shoes and spring p/n 700160
List Price: $35.99
Price: $24.95



Cobra Driveshaft Right Side Hardware kit includes one bolt and one washer. Note: Driveshaft will need to be shaved .010-.015 thousandths shorter than bearing and drilled and tapped to use. Text for pictures.... SCOOTR 256-468-2761
List Price: $9.00
Price: $7.00

Cobra Wheel Sprocket Threaded Hub


Threaded Metal Hub For mounting plastic 60 tooth Wheel Sprocket With 5 Bolt Holes
List Price: $11.00
Price: $9.00

Cylinder Head Gasket e-ton 40 p/n 700122


Eton 41.5cc Cylinder Head Gasket p/n. 700122
List Price: $4.25
Price: $3.49

Drive Shaft 5m- 20 tooth Hardened Metal Belt Gear for scooter


Scooter gear Hardened 20 tooth Metal 5M Belt Gear Same size as factory small metal belt gear on transmission. This is the factory small metal gear for "the rock", this is the recommended belt gear for shaft as it is Hardened and wears slowly. Replace your worn out sprocket today and break less belts.
List Price: $54.95
Price: $46.00

Drive Shaft Bearing #6201


Drive Shaft Bearing #6201 SALE $8.60 each
List Price: $14.50
Price: $8.60

Drive Shaft Bearing Snap Ring


Drive Shaft Bearing Snap Ring for Cobra, the Rock, Rockette, Dynamite III, Nuke, Lowrider Rock, StandR, commuter Holds shaft bearings in place.
List Price: $2.78
Price: $1.98

Drive Shaft For Cobra Rock Nuke


Cobra or The Rock or Lowrider Rock, Nuke or StandR or Cobra "commuter" Driveshaft ONLY note: order 20t-5m & 60t-5m sprockets and spacer & bearings & 4mm keybar or snap rings separately
List Price: $129.00
Price: $96.00



Drive Shaft Gear Snap Ring for Cobra, the Rock, Rockette, Dynamite III, Nuke, Lowrider Rock, StandR & 2013 ScootR or replacement Raser shaft. or use type 5 spacer
List Price: $1.29
Price: $1.00

Drive Shaft Left Sprocket 4mm "Keybar"


Drive Shaft Big Sprocket 4mm "Keybar" keeps lower left side bigger pulley from spinning on shaft
List Price: $4.00
Price: $3.00



Stainless Steel Driveshaft Nut
List Price: $2.95
Price: $2.25

Drive Shaft Spacer Type 3 Custom For Lower Left 5m Belt Sprocket & shaft bearing


Drive Shaft Spacer Type 3 Custom For Lower Left 5m Belt Shaft Sprocket when using 2 left side shaft bearings only! Some models/frames only benefit from extra left side bearing when primary bearing fails or shaft is worn where bearing rides.most models can carry 2 left bearings. call if need be. Fits many scooters if driveshaft bearing dwell in frame is exact same size for entire bore & is for custom improved application or temp fix only! not stock! This spacer goes outside or between lower left side drive shaft bearings x 2! If between two left bearings on Cobra you may need a washer or change pulley to our solid metal lower left pulley. This is for custom application only. Call before ordering! This spacer is only used when installing 2 left side bearings for which some frames don't retain the 2nd left side bearing. Call and we will explain. (256)468-2761 This is an improved spacer that is made in usa. Specs:ID-480/1000ths, OD-750/1000ths, 340-350 thousandths long.
List Price: $13.00
Price: $9.99

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