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Carburetor TK Throttle Valve With Red push button Choke for scooter tk carb


Eton/TK carburetor Throttle valve assy with red push choke button "the carb top/valve" for those with broken choke buttons or throttle cable retainer portion of throttle valve. replaceable by removing two brass screws on top of the carburetor.
List Price: $39.00
Price: $36.00
Out of Stock

Carburetor Walbro 700 high performance carb kit with everything. (for scooter)


Walbro HIGH PERFORMACE carb kit includes everything u need. (Intake manifold not included or needed, the factory one works great with very minor modification.) Call for installation verbal instructions 256-468-2761 or watch video on youtube! improve top speed by 20 %. WARNING: Also highly recommend heavy duty & fantastic racing ignition coil & flywheel mod! Install video is 2 parts & part 1 can be viewed @ :
List Price: $98.00
Price: $82.00

Carburetor Walbro H.P. 700 carburetor Only! (for scooter) includes everything except a.f. & stack


Walbro High Performance 700 carb only! Like Walbro 603 - walbro 668 only better. Ported,tuned,tested. Complete Kits are available w/Air Filter & Velocity stack. Throttle bracket and barrel and gaskets and swivel and return spring are included with this Carburetor and also available separately.
List Price: $69.00
Price: $62.00



Chuweng Kill Switch for Raser Sonic THS Libra SCOOTR
List Price: $17.00
Price: $14.00

Clutch Drum & Housing for scooters


Eton Clutch Housing. Includes bearings and drum/shaft but not belt gear.
List Price: $54.90
Price: $68.95

Clutch Shoes for Eton IXL 40 RASCAL & RXL 40 VIPER JR & SCOOTERS P/N 700160


Eton Clutch Shoes includes both shoes and spring p/n 700160
List Price: $35.99
Price: $24.95

Crankcase Gasket P/N 700102


Crankcase Gasket P/N 700102
List Price: $4.65
Price: $3.79

Crankcase Half Magneto & Clutch Side P/N 700101


e-ton Crankcase Half Magneto Side P/N 700101
List Price: $41.95
Price: $45.95

Crankcase Half Pullstart Side p/n 700103


Crankcase Half Pullstart Side p/n 700103
List Price: $38.95
Price: $34.95

crankshaft bearing for eton 40


crankshaft bearing. left or right side. sold as each. order 2 for pair
List Price: $11.95
Price: $9.60

Crankshaft Non Elec Start e-ton IXL 40 Rascal & scooters p/n 700123


P/n 700123 Eton 41.5cc Crankshaft Pullstart only non electric start For e-ton IXL 40 Rascal & scooters
List Price: $89.95
Price: $69.00

Crankshaft Seal L.H. Flywheel/Magneto side 12x32x7 p/n 700292


Crankshaft Seal 41.5cc L.H. Flywheel/Magneto side 12x32x7 p/n 700292
List Price: $8.98
Price: $8.49

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