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1000-5m-20 Belt Requires Sprocket Shimming or swap or modification for use


1000-5m-20 Belt Requires Sprocket shimming or swap or modification for use. We have even found that slight Shimming to Xcooter Thunder. Atx 1000 a.k.a. Raser Big Wheel a.k.a. PanthR models that have 102 tooth aluminum wheel sprockets with lip out can be shimmed behind sprocket to allow for running even 5m-20 belts. Not sure about Salorr Big Wheel model using 5m-20 yet without fipping both sprockets and maybe replacing wheel sprocket from plastic to aluminum 102 tooth sprocket from Chuweng.
List Price: $42.50
Price: $33.95

1000-5m-20 Wheel Sprocket Spacer


1000 Belts that are 20mm Wide need Spacer/Shim for wheel sprocket to allow use of 1000-5m-20 belt.
List Price: $9.70
Price: $8.50

102 tooth 5M Aluminum Belt Sprocket For Wheel


102 tooth 5M Aluminum Belt Wheel Sprocket Fits Xcooter Thunder, Raser, Salorr, Star II Big Wheel For use with 1000-5m-18 or now 1000 5m 20 belt With the use of a scootR sprocket spacer disc
List Price: $87.99
Price: $75.95

140 millimeter Brake Rotor with 44mm bolt spacing


140 millimeter Brake Rotor With 44mm bolt spacing cobra extreme or Rocky rear disc brake rotor . Fits other models as front and rear brake rotor. also fits Chuweng models like THS & Raser & xlt pro SCOOTR R5 & Salorr & Star II & Raser FX
List Price: $28.95
Price: $23.95

145/70-6 Inner Tube


INNER TUBE-145/70-6
List Price: $17.95
Price: $16.00

145/70-6 Tire ATV TREAD


145/70-6 Atv tread tire
List Price: $43.00
Price: $37.40

160mm Disc Brake Rotor With 44mm bolt spacing


160 millimeter Brake Rotor With 44mm bolt spacing cobra extreme or Rocky Front disc brake rotor Also fits front & rear on: CHUWENG BIG WHEEL SCOOTERS Raser big wheel, Star II, Salorr, PanthR, THS 04, THS 05, Grizzly etc
List Price: $34.95
Price: $28.95

20 tooth/5m Transmission/Engine Sprocket Chromed Alloy


small metal 5m 20 tooth gear for transmission only, set screw type. NOT reccomended for driveshaft as they are too soft and cannot be welded. Great for trans shaft on engine only
List Price: $37.95
Price: $28.95



45.5cc/4.2h.p. SideWinder High Performance Engine Complete. Includes h.p. carburetor and air filter, clutch bell with shaft but not sprocket. Includes engine cover, exhaust & starter recoil. Add mounting plate to install on scooters that previously had e-ton engine except minimizer & xplorer as these are custom mount. Select air filter color/type.
List Price: $499.00
Price: $393.00
Out of Stock

560-5m-15 Belt is SHORTER clutch to shaft drive Belt


560-5m-15 Belt For use as clutch belt when 575 clutch belt is still loose even with motor/engine adjusted all the way back. If motor mounts are weak and dry rotted, replace them first to eliminate that being the source of a belt tension and adjustment issue.
List Price: $27.95
Price: $22.99

575-5m-15 Belt is "most common" CLUTCH BELT


575-5m-15 CLUTCH BELT most common on e-ton powered scooters. 500 & 560 & 580 & 600 & 635 available
List Price: $21.00
Price: $19.00

580-5m-15 Belt


580-5M-15 Belt Some Chuweng Raser or xcooter thunder THS Big Wheel scooters used this belt from factory with 20 tooth trans sprocket to later find it became too long over time...unless your scooter has a 24 tooth trans sprocket. Reccomend superceding to 585-5m-15 belt if you are using a 24 tooth engine/trans 5m belt sprocket. The most common belt used for the left side or clutch belt with a 20 tooth engine sprocket and a 60 tooth shaft sprocket is a 575-5m-15. replacement of dry rotted twisted mis-shapen motor mounts can cause belt tension & alignment issues and incorrect length choice or misdiagnosis. your motor can be adjusted forward and backwards slightly to help with belt tension. we recommend replacing the motor mounts if the motor mounts are dry rotted or they stay twisted with the transmission belt removed.
List Price: $27.00
Price: $23.00

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