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#1 Chain Drive Gear Ratios Explained


This is about wheel drive belts, chains and sprockets on dual belt or belt & chain models. The bigger the shaft sprocket, the more the torque or low end pulling power, while smaller provides more top speed. we offer 12 & 13 toothed hardened shaft sprockets. Wheel sprocket is the same principal. small=speed & large=torque/pull. Cobra & The Rock & Nuke are 20 tooth shaft/belt gear to 60 toothed wheel belt gear=ratio 1:3 which provides good speed on 9 inch tire. most other models are: 1:3.16 or 1:3.95 gear ratio which provides good torque. big wheel models are 1:5.1 select your factory or custom gear ratio by selecting 1 of 2 available #35 Chain Drive shaft/hub mount sprockets and many different wheel plate style sprockets. shaft sprockets have set screw, but must be welded to shaft after determining correct position & tracking. wheel sprockets are bolt on. call scooterman @ 256.468.2761 u.s.a. english for assistance in ordering custom chain drive.
List Price: $1.00
Price: $1.00

#35 Chain Drive Kit 12 : 45


#35 Chain Drive Kit 12:45 #35 ansi roller chain kit for: The Raser FX, SCOOTR, TIGER, R3, R5 AND OTHER MODELS using 10 inch rear tire. Kit includes 3 feet of #35 ansi chain & master link, a 12 tooth #35 shaft sprocket and a 45 tooth #35 wheel sprocket. this is a gear ratio of 1:3.75
List Price: $163.00
Price: $149.00

#35 Sprocket For Wheel 45 tooth p/n 2299k319


#35 Sprocket For Wheel 45 tooth p/n 2299k319 45 Tooth Hardened Wheel sprocket. Recommended for use with 12 tooth shaft sprocket to keep close to four to one factory gear ratio on most models excluding big wheel models and also The Rock/Cobra or Nuke/Lowrider/STANDR, BUT This sprocket will increase TORQUE on models using 3:1 OR 3.16:1 gear ratios, such as THS OR ROCK/COBRA with 9 inch rear tire. This sprocket is recommended with 3.0-4/280x65/10 inch rear tires For even MORE torque, use a 13 tooth shaft sprocket. "Big wheel" models use 60 tooth wheel sprockets.
List Price: $76.95
Price: $69.00

260 X 85 Inner Tube


260 X 85 Inner Tube
List Price: $9.35
Price: $8.00

260 x 85 Tire/3.0-4 Knobby tire replaced by 4.10/3.50-4


Fits Front or Rear of R3 & xlt-pro gt & Star II or Front Rock or Cobra R1/R4 FRONT TIRE and can also be used on the rear of models with rear suspension 9 inch rear tire after changing to our 1in longer swingarms. 260 x 85 Tire/3.0-4 Knobby tire is discontinued and replaced by Kenda 4.10/3.50-4 tire with K304A tread pattern
List Price: $27.39
Price: $23.95

3.0-4 Inner Tube


3.0-4 Inner Tube
List Price: $9.35
Price: $8.50

3.0-4 Tire Factory R3 Tiger TIRE


3.0-4 Tire Factory R3 Tiger TIRE
List Price: $28.95
Price: $22.95

3.0-4.0 Tire By Kenda Dual Terrain 154-95


3.0-4.0 Tire By Kenda Dual Terrain 154-95 Cobra gas scooter factory front tire. Great for all of our gas scooters as front tire providing smoothe handling and steering except will not fit Nuke, or Lowrider or Standr due to frame clearance.
List Price: $27.95
Price: $23.95

3.0-4.0 Tire By Kenda Street Gripper 154-104


3.0-4.0Tire By Kenda Street Gripper P/n 154-104
List Price: $33.59
Price: $27.95

3.0-4.0 Tire Kenda street slick Xtr 154-89


3.0-4.0 Tire By Kenda Super Smoothe street slick Xtr 154-89
List Price: $32.00
Price: $24.60

4in Alloy Front Wheel For Cobra Nuke Rock and many others


4in Alloy front Wheel For Cobra Nuke Rock and many others. Color of inset is Black. Also see part listing of front or rear wheel to see image of kit contents. NOTE: Neither valve cap or tubes, tires or brakes are NOT included, but ALL else is!
List Price: $98.50
Price: $84.00

4inch Alloy Rear Wheel ONLY kit.


4inch Alloy Rear Wheel ONLY kit. works best for belt drive or chain on Cobra, The ROCK, Nuke, Dynamite III, Rockette, EROCK, Lowrider, xcaliber w/4in wheels & other models if converting from belt to OUR chain drive kits. Includes all needed hardware shown in image above. Order tires, tubes, adjusters and sprockets & valve cap or extenders separately. color of inset now available in Black only
List Price: $139.00
Price: $124.00
Out of Stock

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