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#35 Chain Drive Kit For Big Wheel Scooters 12:60


12:60 Chain Drive for Big Wheel OEM gear ratio Kit #35 Chain Drive Kit 12:60 Replaces: 1000-5M-15 belt 1000-5M-18 belt 1000-5M-20 belt #35 ansi roller chain kit for: Chuweng Raser big wheel with 145/70-6 size tires and 6 inch wheels. Also FITS Xcooter Thunder, Saloor Big Wheel, Sonic Big Wheel, THS Big Wheel, Desert Storm Big wheel, Steeple Big Wheel, PanthR Big Wheel, AND OTHER MODELS using 145/70-6 rear tire. Kit includes #35 ansi chain & master link (This chain is 128 pins including master link) a 12 tooth #35 shaft sprocket and a 60 tooth #35 wheel sprocket, one 1/8 roll pin and one 1/8 inch drill bit.The factory sprocket on the shaft is 20 tooth 5m and the factory wheel sprocket is a 102 tooth 5m belt drive sprocket. The factory gearing is 1:5.1 This 12:60 chain drive kit is 1:5 ratio For top speed chain drive kit on a "Big Wheel Scooter" see our 12:52 kit which is a gear ratio of 1:4.3 and a Chain drive kit for big wheel scooters only, see exclusion below. This 52 tooth sprocket is the same as oem sprocket for "The Rocky" but the shaft sprocket is totally different so this is not for "Cobra Extreme" or "The Rocky"
List Price: $174.99
Price: $152.95



#77 Jet 40cc New Style ATV Float Carbs Only The factory jet in the New ATV style carburetor for 40cc E-ton Rascal & Viper Jr and some older Cobra & Chuweng scooters is #64 which is believed to be insufficient and lean which could create excessive heat and piston ring collapse or premature upper engine failure. Recommend is this number 77 jet to make sure there is plenty of fuel available and optimal running temperatures.
List Price: $6.99
Price: $5.00



585-5M-15 Belt for use with 24 tooth clutch sprockets Some Chuweng Raser or xcooter thunder THS Big Wheel scooters used this belt from factory with a 24 tooth trans sprocket. Reccomend 585-5m-15 belt if you are using a 24 tooth engine/trans 5m belt sprocket. The most common belt used for the left side or clutch belt with a 20 tooth engine sprocket and a 60 tooth shaft sprocket is a 575-5m-15. replacement of dry rotted twisted mis-shapen motor mounts can cause belt tension & alignment issues and incorrect length choice or misdiagnosis. your motor can be adjusted forward and backwards slightly to help with belt tension. we recommend replacing the motor mounts if the motor mounts are dry rotted or they stay twisted with the transmission belt removed.
List Price: $26.95
Price: $23.00

Air Filter H.P. Aluminum Velocity Stack for scooters


Scooter Air Intake Aluminum Velocity Stack For smooth air flow and mounting H.P. Air Filters
List Price: $12.70
Price: $8.95



Eton 40 ATV or older scooter Air Filter High Performance for Float Style Carbs. Comes with filter and filter clamp and velocity stack and gasket and two screws.
List Price: $34.95
Price: $26.00



Eton 40 Ikeda Coil Harness This wiring harness replaces the trigger module when using the New Black Thunder coil, the wiring harness plugs onto the new ignition coil and then plugs right into the vehicle harness with two wires in a 3-pin plug. If you are purchasing the coil the coil will come with this wiring harness and an NGK spark plug so there would be no need to purchase this harness if you are purchasing the coil it is included.
List Price: $6.95
Price: $6.00

Exhaust pipe Scooter Expansion Chamber/POWER PIPE


High performance exhaust or expansion pipe for 2.2h.p. Eton engine powered scooters. Adds power and up to 4mph if used with with h.p. Carburator. Carb adds 5mph for a total of 9mph between both! Now with stainless steel mount reinforcement bracket!
List Price: $220.00
Price: $199.00
Out of Stock

Fender Front Chromed


Fender Front Chromed keep water and mud down with a classic stylish oversized Chrome front fender, fits MANY different scooters with 10 inch tires
List Price: $27.95
Price: $18.95



H.P. ethanol compatible fuel lines for Cobra and Chuweng & many other mini scooters. provides and produces more pressure on fuel tank grommets helping to seal leaks & line i.d. is bigger on fuel supply so it assists in facilitating a higher fuel flow. purchase either with or without a replacement fuel filter or 17mm chuweng grommet and appropriate filter or Cobra 22mm grommet and filter we are now offering both style grommets! the ones that come in the top of the tank 15mm hole 17mm grommet and the ones that come in the back of tank 19mm hole 22mm grommet when ordering the fuel lines with grommet set up so we know which grommet to include. Select 15 mm or 19mm even if just ordering lines. By making size of grommet selection, that will let us know which size filter or grommet is needed if ordered/added
List Price: $17.50
Price: $12.00



Quad disc brake sintered pad set of two for calipers with Red adjustment knob. Better stopping power than factory pads.
List Price: $21.50
Price: $18.95

Spark Plug NGK BPM6A (Hotter)


NGK BPM6A Spark Plug (Hotter)
List Price: $4.35
Price: $3.80

Walbro Carb Brass Cable Barell W/nut


Walbro Carburator Brass Cable Barell w/nut
List Price: $3.00
Price: $2.25

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