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#77 Jet 40cc New Style ATV Float Carbs Only The factory jet in the New ATV style carburetor for 40cc E-ton Rascal & Viper Jr and some older Cobra & Chuweng scooters is #64 which is believed to be insufficient and lean which could create excessive heat and piston ring collapse or premature upper engine failure. Recommend is this number 77 jet to make sure there is plenty of fuel available and optimal running temperatures.
List Price: $6.99
Price: $5.00

Brake Cable Eton 40 ATV 700252


ETON 700252 New Rear brake cable for eton 40 atvs rascal and viper ixl-40 & rxl-40 & rxl-40E This Rear Brake Cable specs are: Outer housing=42.5"/Inner cable= 49.7inches
List Price: $38.95
Price: $23.95



Eton 40 Air Filter High Performance for Float Style Carbs. Comes with filter and filter clamp and velocity stack and gasket and two screws.
List Price: $34.95
Price: $26.00



Eton 40 ATV float style carb Performance jet. Factory jet in new style carburetor is a number 64 which you may find as insufficient Jetting so we offer a number 77 jet for replacement for anybody who has running issues or fuel supply issues with the new style carburetor with quick drain bowl valve and petcock made on the carburetor we do not sell any parts or jets for the original carburetor that does not have those two features.
List Price: $7.95
Price: $5.00



Eton ATV fuel filter 40cc-250cc
List Price: $4.70
Price: $3.80



eton ATV key switch part #650720 Fits rxl-40E, all 50 CC models all 70 CC models all 90 CC models all 150 CC models including both 2 stroke and 4 stroke models. Includes 2 keys
List Price: $32.65
Price: $22.95

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