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12-1/2x2-1/4 Tire & Inner Tube Set Kenda K470 tread 12.5x2.25 12&1/2x1.75x2&1/4
12-1/2x1.75x2-1/4 Tire & Inner Tube Set by Kenda 12.5x2.25 12&1/2x2&1/4 tire set & tube with 90� rotated/bent stem for ease of adding air. Other sellers will sell you a cheaper lesser quality copy of this tire and sell you an inner tube that is worth half as much as it has a straight stem and is poor quality inner tube. We know you want to do this once not two or three times so our tires and tubes are from the Kenda manufacturer and top quality.
List Price: $22.59
Price: $19.95

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