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12 Volt 10 Amp/hour Battery


Length = 6\" Width = 2-1/2\" Depth = 4-3/8\" Order Qty 2 for a pair. Fits Lashout Electric Scooters; Ion 450; Xcaliber 250/350; 1999-2004 Currie, Mongoose, Gt, and Schwinn (other than X-Cel, Fusion, and Tsunami Scooters which take 12 Volt 18Amp/hour batteries)
List Price: $49.00
Price: $45.00

12&1/2 X 2&1/4- Inner Tube Bent & 80┬░Rotated Stem


12&1/2 X 2&1/4 Inner Tube Bent & Rotated Stem For Currie, GT, Mongoose Schwinn
List Price: $11.00
Price: $7.00

12&1/2x2&1/4 Tire


12&1/2x2&1/4 Tire
List Price: $19.00
Price: $16.00

12&1/2x3.0 Inner Tube


12&1/2 X 3.0 Inner Tube
List Price: $13.00
Price: $11.00

12&1/2X3.0 Tire


Currie electro drive Innova snake belly 12&1/2 X 3.0 tire
List Price: $24.95
Price: $22.95

12.5 x 2.25/3.0Front Alloy Mag Wheel


Fits all Currie 12 inch wheel Scooters (Tire not included)
List Price: $60.00
Price: $55.00

12.5x2.25 Alloy Mag Wheel Rear


Fits all Currie scooters with chain drive & 12.5x2.25 tire & also Razor moped
List Price: $65.00
Price: $60.00

24 volt electric scooter charger


24 Volt Charger with Microphone Style Plug. Fits I-zip, Lashout, Bladez, Currie, Mongoose, GT, Schwinn, E-Rock, Xcaliber, Vego, Tanaka, and some others.
List Price: $45.00
Price: $29.90

6001 Sealed Bearing


Bearing number 6001 sealed. Price is per bearing. eleven dollars each
List Price: $16.00
Price: $11.00

80mm Bonded Band Brake


New Non-Riveted now Bonded 80mm Band Brake Replaces APSE 80 band brake and Silent 80 band brake with a superior non riveted design. New brake drum included Don't be fooled by lower-priced Band Brakes. they might only last a couple weeks which is not safe
List Price: $27.95
Price: $22.95

88mm Band Brake APSE 88


New Non-Riveted now Bonded 88mm Band Brake APSE 88 The brakes are Chrome in outer shell color. The red brake photo is just for photo appeal. See image of our 80mm bonded band brake to see exactly what your 88mm band brakes will look like
List Price: $28.95
Price: $23.95

90mm Band Brake APSE 90


90mm Band Brake APSE 90
List Price: $31.95
Price: $28.95
Out of Stock

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