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#1 Chain Drive Gear Ratios Explained


This is about wheel drive belts, chains and sprockets on dual belt or belt & chain models. The bigger the shaft sprocket, the more the torque or low end pulling power, while smaller provides more top speed. we offer 12 & 13 toothed hardened shaft sprockets. Wheel sprocket is the same principal. small=speed & large=torque/pull. Cobra & The Rock & Nuke are 20 tooth shaft/belt gear to 60 toothed wheel belt gear=ratio 1:3 which provides good speed on 9 inch tire. most other models are: 1:3.16 or 1:3.95 gear ratio which provides good torque. big wheel models are 1:5.1 select your factory or custom gear ratio by selecting 1 of 2 available #35 Chain Drive shaft/hub mount sprockets and many different wheel plate style sprockets. shaft sprockets have set screw, but must be welded to shaft after determining correct position & tracking. wheel sprockets are bolt on. call scooterman @ 256.468.2761 u.s.a. english for assistance in ordering custom chain drive.
List Price: $1.00
Price: $1.00

#35 Sprocket For Wheel On Big Wheel 52 tooth


#35 Sprocket For Wheel On Big Wheel models 52 tooth. can be used on 10 inch tire for torque or big wheel model for speed. This is the Cobra Extreme or Rocky factory wheel sprocket. This is for speed. for factory ratios on Raser big wheel order 60 tooth.
List Price: $107.00
Price: $69.00

140 millimeter Brake Rotor with 44mm bolt spacing


140 millimeter Brake Rotor With 44mm bolt spacing cobra extreme or Rocky rear disc brake rotor . Fits other models as front and rear brake rotor. also fits Chuweng models like THS & Raser & xlt pro SCOOTR R5 & Salorr & Star II & Raser FX
List Price: $28.95
Price: $23.95

160mm Disc Brake Rotor With 44mm bolt spacing


160 millimeter Brake Rotor With 44mm bolt spacing cobra extreme or Rocky Front disc brake rotor Also fits front & rear on: CHUWENG BIG WHEEL SCOOTERS Raser big wheel, Star II, Salorr, PanthR, THS 04, THS 05, Grizzly etc
List Price: $34.95
Price: $28.95

20 tooth/5m Transmission/Engine Sprocket Chromed Alloy


small metal 5m 20 tooth gear for transmission only, set screw type. NOT reccomended for driveshaft as they are too soft and cannot be welded. Great for trans shaft on engine only
List Price: $37.95
Price: $28.95

560-5M-25 BELT as Clutch/Trans belt for Xcooter Xplorer


List Price: $46.00
Price: $36.00

60 Tooth Black Plastic Sprocket


60 Tooth Black Plastic Sprocket
List Price: $18.99
Price: $10.99

6200 sealed bearing


6200 sealed bearing for wheels of gas and electric scooters
List Price: $11.95
Price: $7.95

775-5m-25 Belt for tire/wheel drive on xcooter explorer


775-5m-25 Belt For xcooter xplorer Or xcaliber gas scooter tire drive belt.
List Price: $43.95
Price: $39.50

Air Filter Factory Scooter Filter


Eton Factory Scooter Air-Filter for use with (TK) primer bulb style carburator that has red push button choke. This filter does not fit rascal 40 Also not for use with Walbro H.P. carbs
List Price: $19.80
Price: $17.00

Air Filter H.P. Aluminum Velocity Stack for scooters


Scooter Air Intake Aluminum Velocity Stack For smooth air flow and mounting H.P. Air Filters
List Price: $12.70
Price: $8.95

Air Filter H.P. Microsponge UNI 3 inch (for scooter)


Air Filter H.P. Microsponge UNI 3 in Crush this filter & it springs back. No more crushed or bent filters w/UNI Velocity stack required for mounting
List Price: $19.30
Price: $15.00

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