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Cylinder Head/jug Eton 41.5cc p/n 700121


Eton 41.5cc Cylinder Head p/n 700121
List Price: $77.99
Price: $64.95

Drive Shaft 5m- 20 tooth Hardened Metal Belt Gear for scooter


Scooter gear Hardened 20 tooth Metal 5M Belt Gear Same size as factory small metal belt gear on transmission. This is the factory small metal gear for "the rock", this is the recommended belt gear for shaft as it is Hardened and wears slowly. Replace your worn out sprocket today and break less belts.
List Price: $54.95
Price: $46.00

e-ton Rascal 40, Viper 40, 40E, ixl 40, rxl 40 Air Filter Element Only  P/N 700136


e-ton Rascal 40 Viper 40. 40E, ixl 40, rxl 40 Air Filter Element Only P/N 700136
List Price: $10.95
Price: $8.49

Engine Complete for scooter Eton 41.5cc 2.2h.p.


Complete engine as shown includes EVERYTHING, EXCEPT clutch drum/bell/shaft/bearing assembly & belt gear. This is for scooter only unless you change the exhaust and mouning plate
List Price: $529.00
Price: $485.00

Engine Cover Black Plastic e-ton 40 p/n 700151


ETON 40/41.5cc plastic engine cover P/N 700151
List Price: $37.95
Price: $29.00

Engine Cover Black Rubber Plug p/n 700152


Black Rubber Plug For Engine Cover p/n 700152
List Price: $5.29
Price: $114.49
Out of Stock

Engine Long Block only ETON IXL 40, RXL 40, 2.2H.P/41.5cc


Engine crankcase and crankshaft with cylinder head and piston and spark plug & exhaust studs or bolts & gasket & intake gasket only. does not include carburetor, starter recoil or catch/ratchet or clutch shoes or flywheel or ignition coils,engine covers, external engine parts sold separately.
List Price: $329.00
Price: $283.00

Engine Lower End Rebuild Kit


1 x crankcase gasket 2 x crankshaft bearings 2 x crankshaft seals
List Price: $37.60
Price: $31.95

Engine Mount Set Of 2 for scooters


Eton 41.5cc Rubber Engine Mounts for scooters Set Of 2
List Price: $38.95
Price: $34.95

Engine Top End Rebuild Kit p/n 810788


Eton IXL 40 e-ton rxl 40 & 40E Engine Top End Rebuild Kit. P/n 810788 Includes cylinder head and cylinder gasket and exhaust gasket and piston and piston rings and piston wrist pin and needle bearing and circle clips and NGK BPM6A spark plug. Air and fuel intake parts separate.
List Price: $168.50
Price: $114.00



Eton 40 ATV or older scooter Air Filter High Performance for Float Style Carbs. Comes with filter and filter clamp and velocity stack and gasket and two screws.
List Price: $34.95
Price: $26.00



Eton 40 ATV float style carb Performance jet. Factory jet in new style carburetor is a number 64 which you may find as insufficient Jetting so we offer a number 77 jet for replacement for anybody who has running issues or fuel supply issues with the new style carburetor with quick drain bowl valve and petcock made on the carburetor we do not sell any parts or jets for the original carburetor that does not have those two features.
List Price: $7.95
Price: $5.00

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