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575-5m-15 economy China CLUTCH-BELT
List Price: $18.00
Price: $14.00



585-5M-15 Belt for use with 24 tooth clutch sprockets Some Chuweng Raser or xcooter thunder THS Big Wheel scooters used this belt from factory with a 24 tooth trans sprocket. Reccomend 585-5m-15 belt if you are using a 24 tooth engine/trans 5m belt sprocket. The most common belt used for the left side or clutch belt with a 20 tooth engine sprocket and a 60 tooth shaft sprocket is a 575-5m-15. replacement of dry rotted twisted mis-shapen motor mounts can cause belt tension & alignment issues and incorrect length choice or misdiagnosis. your motor can be adjusted forward and backwards slightly to help with belt tension. we recommend replacing the motor mounts if the motor mounts are dry rotted or they stay twisted with the transmission belt removed.
List Price: $26.95
Price: $23.00

60 Tooth Black Plastic Sprocket


60 Tooth Black Plastic Sprocket
List Price: $38.95
Price: $31.95

6200 sealed bearing


6200 sealed bearing for wheels of gas and electric scooters
List Price: $11.95
Price: $7.95

80mm Band Brake Chinese Junk


80mm Band Brake
List Price: $24.75
Price: $18.95



We are currently in search of a non riveted bonded band brake, we realize the above price is extortionate but know that the only way to get these brakes is by disassembling a new scooter. Hopefully in the future we will have better than OEM brakes at a more reasonable price
List Price: $73.95
Price: $45.00

90mm Band Brake APSE 90


90mm Band Brake APSE 90
List Price: $31.95
Price: $28.95
Out of Stock

Air Filter Factory Scooter Filter


Eton Factory Scooter Air-Filter for use with (TK) primer bulb style carburator that has red push button choke. This filter does not fit rascal 40 Also not for use with Walbro H.P. carbs
List Price: $19.80
Price: $17.00

Air Filter H.P. Aluminum Velocity Stack for scooters


Scooter Air Intake Aluminum Velocity Stack For smooth air flow and mounting H.P. Air Filters
List Price: $12.70
Price: $8.95

Air Filter H.P. Microsponge UNI 3 inch (for scooter)


Air Filter H.P. Microsponge UNI 3 in Crush this filter & it springs back. No more crushed or bent filters w/UNI Velocity stack required for mounting
List Price: $19.30
Price: $15.00

Air Filter K&N Brand 3inch..for scooter


Air Filter K&N Brand 3inch.. Velocity stack required for mounting An excellent value. High Quality Long Lasting Air Filter. A local discount parts house Wants 36.99 for this filter. It is our pleasure to offer it at 29.90 Filter is rechargable with K&N clean And Recharge kit.
List Price: $36.95
Price: $29.90

Air Intake Insulator/Manifold To Cylinder Head Gasket


Air Intake Insulator/Manifold To Cylinder Head Gasket
List Price: $3.85
Price: $3.25

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